Abbey Philantropy Initiatives

Abbey Philanthropy Initiatives

The purpose of Abbey Philantrpy Initiatives is to provide money, goods and services in support of disadvantaged categories of people or activities of general interest.
The economic resources necessary to carry out its business derive mainly from donations and fundraising activities.
Abbey Philantrpy Initiatives collaborating with various associations in the U.S.A. and U.K. manages to carry out its business thanks to the contribution of benefactors who finance it annually.

Abbey Philanthropy Initiatives also provides concierge services to thank benefactors for their donations. The concierge services offered are personal, leisure, travel and event services and include a specialized staff always ready to listen, advise and act. From a private boat trip or a candlelit dinner in the most exclusive restaurants or the possibility of access to the best jewelers or the most exclusive clothing brands, or access to the most luxurious hotels in the world or the possibility of accessing the villas more exclusives or the possibility of having luxury cars or private planes Abbey Philanthropy Initiatives takes care of everything down to the smallest detail.